The Listening and Communication website was initially thought of to be a place to share the fruits of a research project on the whereabouts of  listening training. However, the need to share information related to the art of listening  has changed the course of the website. The website now offers listening education in the form of listening courses, human communication consultation services, and the point of contact for sharing music written and performed by Robert Kehoe, the owner of this site.

This site is devoted to how people communicate and especially how they listen. From time to time this site will provide communication and listening news, listening research papers, links to listening journal articles, other peoples opinions on listening and communication.

                                                                    About the Voice Behind the Website

 Robert Kehoe is a  Certified Listening Professional with decades of experience as an expert communicator, instructor, business owner, and solo performing artist. 

 Teaching experience for Robert includes teaching a college level communication course, training employees in work place safety, teaching specific work related skills, and teaching parenting from the standpoint of Triple P. As a business owner, he has a wide range of skills dealing with clients and resolving conflicts. Managing businesses has given him valuable experience in human resources, office management, and project management. 

 From his educational pursuits, Robert has been awarded a Master’s in Education and a Bachelors degree in Human Communication, and is a Certified Listening Professional.  His human communication focus is on listening, and he has created a this website dedicated to the art of listening. 

  Robert's love for music cannot be ignored. A singer and song writer for many years, Robert performs his unique style of guitar playing as a solo performer at National University Events, private parties, special events, and as the opening act for other artist. Robert has opened for such notables as The Marshal Tucker Band and Antsy Mclain. Currently Robert is working on his debut album, Always Hear to Listen scheduled to be released from this site May 2017.

 Robert's volunteer work is associated with his interests in communication and listening. As a member of the International Listening Association (ILA) for over 8 years, he has reviewed papers for publication in the ILA journal and supported the Association in its work to improve listening education. In supporting his Alma Mater, California State University Chico, Robert has acted as a Town Hall Meeting Moderator twice year for the last seven years.

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To start listeningandcommunication.com consulting services contact Robert at rkehoe@listeningandcommunication.com or by calling 520.406.7599