"Always hear to listen"

Yes, the phrase is catchy, but what does it mean? It means:
Being aware of your attending behaviors of listening so the speaker knows you are listening to them.
Being discriminative about the sounds you are hearing and trying to associate meaning to those sounds in your mind.  
Being reflective about the conversations you are having with people and evaluating your listening effectiveness .

Ask yourself:

Did you associate the sounds you are hearing with a picture or phrase in your mind?
How did the speaker feel about what they were saying?
What was your response?
Was your response appropriate?
Did your response tell the speaker you were listening?

Did your listening attending behaviors tell the speaker you were listening?

Want to know more about attending behaviors of listening? Go to the Listening Education tab to view a PowerPoint presentation on the attending behaviors of listening.

​                                                                                What You Will Find Here

​This site is dedicated to learning to listen more effectively.  The Listening Education  tab has a PowerPoint presentation titled The Nine Attending Behaviors of Listening, a paper describing the Eight Barriers to Listening, and for parents a recommendation for a book to read on how to listen to your children. The Listening Course Online tab is where you go to sign up for an online listening course.  Finally, there is music to listen to and purchase at the My Music tab.

                                                                  Becoming a Better Listener

If you want to be a better listener, you have found the right site. Only you can decide to be a better listener. Becoming a better listener comes with a commitment to do so. That commitment is most often linked to a course or training. If you are serious about becoming a better listener then go the the Listening Training Online tab and sign up now!  Then you can  "Always hear to listen" more effectively.